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Please click on Download Licensure or Download Privileging Forms to obtain the material necessary to begin the Licensure or Privileging process.

Download Licensure Forms Download Privileging Forms

Once the forms are completed, please return them along with your CV and narratives to my email address.

Once received, I will review and reach out to you for a quick overview of the process. 


My goal is to obtain your State License or Hospital Privileges as quickly as possible.  I can do either or both for you.

Much of this will depend on the timely receipt of information once requested.

When returning the Licensure or Privileging Forms to me, please ensure that your CV is in mm/yyyy - mm/yyyy format accounting for all gaps in time and that any applicable narratives (claims, etc) are also provided.

My Services include the Research, Preparation, Submission & Follow-up of your material to include any necessary third-party verification requests. 

My Fee for each State License is $500 for Resident and $650 for Physician and includes assistance with the State License, State Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) and Federal DEA application processes*.

My Fees for Hospital Privileging is $250 for Resident and $350 for Physician and includes assistance with the Hospital Privileging process*.

*Physician is responsible for payment of applicable service fee(s) plus fees associated with the Licensure and/or Privileging process which may include but are not limited to State Medical Board Licensure application fees, Hospital Privileging application fees & third-party fees (Licensure Exam Scores, Letters of Good Standing, NPDB, AMA, Educational Records, Background Checks, etc), mailing & courier fees.


License Me, LLC

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